Alice Sweet Alice [The Culture]
Palma Violets support act The Culture were kind enough to let a few of us film their set for a university project (and provided us with a free night on the town in the process). In exchange, we crafted the devilishly delectable video that you can see below.


Central City Roller Girls
Shin pads, skates, and a whole lot of shoving around: this is a short made-for-university documentary on one of Birmingham’s roller derby teams.



Untold: Birmingham aims to reveal the Midlands’ lost, forgotten, and hidden stories.

The project was launched with the intention of creating an archive of stories about Birmingham which would have otherwise been overlooked, because cliche though it sounds, everyone has a tale worth telling. Quite the mission statement.


The Electric Cinema

The Electric is the oldest working cinema in the UK, and I jumped at the first opportunity I found to nosey around there. After a guided tour of the venue, and an extended chat with the establishment’s owner, I crafted this audio slideshow.


School Olympics
Being initiative-taking and forward-thinking as I am, here is Hidden City’s first video footage production. It documents how some schools in Handsworth geared up for and commemorated the 2012 Olympics. There’s nothing like a bit of community spirit to warm the heart (or make you hate the world).


Birmingham Rockets
This is a documentary on a Birmingham Ice Hockey team that I pieced together after a colleague did all the hard work of travelling, talking, recording, and photographing. Possibly the most anti-social piece of teamwork I have ever been involved in.



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