News: Black Mekon bite back with “Salt Liquor”

Birmingham’s favoured masked marauders Black Mekon are back with a brand new album in tow, and now the outfit are sharing the record’s lead single.

Four years on from cult sensation Stolen Bible 2 (the first LP to be released by PNKSLM Recordings), Black Mekon back at their most addictively rambunctious yet. With a new record waiting in the wings, the disguised duo (made up of Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon) are commanding you attention with new single “Salt Liquor”.

Here, the band’s characteristically bluesy rock and roll takes on a new lease of life. Swaggering, snarling, and spitting its way through its many sleezy refrains and storming breakdowns, “Salt Liquor” a distaste you can revel in. Stay pissed off and keep on swinging, Black Mekon are back and they’re ready to take your world by storm.

“Salt Liquour” is the first track to be shared from One In The Hate. Available from August, the special edition of the record comes complete with a t-shirt, a 7″ single of an exclusive collaboration with underground grime artist Frantic, and Mekon-designed figurines and playing cards that transform the record sleeve into a board game.

One In The Hate is released via PNKSLM Recordings 25 August and is available to preorder now.

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