Interview: With Confidence

“I think our favourite thing about Slam Dunk, aside from playing, is there are so many good bands that we all grew up loving, and so many of our friends and our peers,” Luke Rockets enthuses. “This time we get the chance to play a stage that’s considerably bigger than the one we played the first time through, which is super daunting but also really exciting,” Jayden Seeley adds. “It should be sick.”

Since the release of debut album ‘Better Weather’ last year, With Confidence have gone from strength to strength. Touring on the opposite side of the world to their home, playing in front of increasingly bigger and more energised crowds, the Sydney outfit are living out something of a dream.

“Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in what we’re doing, and to get caught up in the day to days of stuff,” Jayden starts. “But when you take yourself out for a second and just remember that ‘Yeah, we’re on the other side of the world and we get to do these cool things…’” He trails off in awe. “As cliché as it sounds, it is like a dream come true. It’s incredible, it really is. I couldn’t imagine us doing anything else.”

Fresh from a co-headline tour with Set It Off, the quartet are revelling in every moment they get to spend performing on stage. “I think every time we go on a tour I personally take something out of it,” Jayden details. “Touring with Set It Off, something I take out of it is stage presence.” “And fashion sense!” Luke adds with a grin. “Fashion sense as well, yeah,” Jayden laughs. “Their stage presence is really, really impressive. Watching them play every night, I hope that I gain something from that. It’s been great.”

Constantly inspired by what’s around them, With Confidence have cultivated a success that seems only set to grow. “I guess exponential is the word I would use to describe it,” Jayden states. “At first the initial reaction was really, really good. So much better than we thought. Then it just keeps growing and growing and growing.” “It seems like a snowball effect,” Luke agrees. “It keeps getting bigger and bigger.” Spending the majority of the year touring abroad, including performances at this year’s Slam Dunk festival, the quartet have achieved a success that shows no signs of slowing.

“We’ve toured with something like a quarter of the bands on the bill,” Luke enthuses, exclaiming “we both have the shirt! Our boys in Don Broco.” Flaunting their friends’ t-shirts just as the band appear behind them, one sporting a With Confidence t-shirt (“we were just giving the plug! Now you’re repping!”) the Australian quartet are in the highest of spirits. “We’re hoping we can keep up the growth and momentum and traction,” Luke adds. “Hopefully that rolls over into whatever we do for this next album too.”

It might be a while off yet (“mid next year, that’s probably the tentative release aim”), but work on the second album is already underway. “We’re writing songs,” Jayden states. “It’s sort of formulating at this point. We haven’t been in the studio.” “I guess we’re always working towards stuff,” Luke agrees. “We’re very, very slowly putting together the pieces.”

Having come so far off the strength of their debut, album two is something the group are determined to make to the boldest and biggest of their capabilities. “I feel like it’s a common thing: the sophomore slump,” Luke laughs. “The pressure is very, very evident. Having such success on the debut is something we never necessarily expected – but we’re very, very, very stoked to have.”

“We really, really, really want to make sure that this next record is just the biggest fucking thing this band could produce,” he continues. “I think all of us have the same goal. We all have a pretty clear indication of how to achieve that.” Taking inspiration from everything around them, this second record looks set to shape up as the band’s boldest effort yet – and With Confidence are on their way to making it happen.

“We usually call up this Swedish guy, and he writes the songs for us,” Luke describes. “Then we sing into an auto tune box, and it pops out,” Jayden finishes, before laughing. “No. We have different methods. Predominantly it will be me or Inigo [Del Carmen], and we’ll come up with a basic song structure and some lyrics. Then we’ll bring it into the band, usually in Josh [Brozzesi]’s shed, and we hash it out as a band and formulate something.”

“Sometimes we’re in the shed just jamming, and then a song formulates out of nothing,” he continues. “I think we’re always going to stick to that sort of idea. That seems to produce the best product for us.” “At the heart of it we’re a very honest rock band,” Luke agrees. “I guess that’s kind of the most productive method to release our honest rock songs.”

Another album isn’t the only thing the group have in the works. “We’ve got a lot of plans that haven’t been announced yet,” Luke teases. “It’s going to include a lot more touring. Maybe there’ll be a new song or two. I don’t know.” “There’s some cool shit happening,” Jayden agrees. “It’ll be fucking sick. I’m pretty excited about it.”

With plans to be “on the road until basically the end of the year,” with “dates to be announced over the next few months,” it’s all systems go for With Confidence. All that’s left to do now is hang on and enjoy the ride.


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