Blog: Introducing EGLO

EGLO is a family enterprise with Tyrolean roots, but at home all over the world.” This is how ELGO’s founder and associate Ludwig Obwieser introduces the brand. “The exciting blend of Austrian traditions,” they continue, “and the various cultural influences from our distribution companies are the basis for our varied and creative product range.”

In the time it’s been a business, the EGLO group has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of decorative interior lighting. Today the company is a major player on the world market. While other brands might try to present a distinct character, EGLO strives to cater to their audience.

Every product they create is unique, every design crafted with a certain appeal – and every one is different. Having built up a world of expertise, drawing inspiration from a vast range of different settings and inspirations, what EGLO offer is variety.

This is a brand with their finger firmly on the market’s pulse, with more than 18 million luminaires marketed in over 132 countries on all continents. EGLO ensure the greatest possible independence when introducing new product solutions.

With manufacturing plants in Hungary, China, and India, EGLO’s designs are sought after worldwide. As contemporary as they are classy, this is a company that’s only set to grow in popularity, success, and innovation.


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