News: Terror Watts turn solitude into celebration on “So Alone”

On the first track from their debut EP, Terror Watts find energy in isolation.

“Just let me be a mystery, don’t drag me down,” Tom Hughes sings. Sure, the band might be feeling the solitude on their new single, but Terror Watts aren’t ones to wallow. “I’ll figure it out in the end,” they affirm. “Some other time, it’ll be alright.”

Garage rock on a surf-splashed beach break, “So Alone” feels like a celebration. Storming riffs and twanging solos meet crooning pop harmonies in a windswept escape from the claustrophobic nature of the day to day. And all this in under two minutes.

Living by the ethose of “only writing songs that we can have fun with,” Terror Watts describe themselves as being “more influenced by the bands we all grew up with, such as Weezer and Descendents.” Fusing pop hooks with a garage aestheric, the trio forge a sound every bit as contagious as their inspirations.

“So Alone” is the first track to be taken from Terror Watts’ upcoming debut EP, released next month. The band perform at London’s Old Blue Last on 22 April with labelmates Hater and Chemtrails.

The Terror Watts EP is released via PNKSLM Recordings on 26 May and is available to pre-order now.

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