Review: Pulled Apart By Horses @ Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

It wasn’t too long ago that Pulled Apart By Horses’ future seemed uncertain. Following the release of their fourth album ‘The Haze’ last month, the Leeds outfit are raring to show just how in the game they are.

Fresh from SXSW (’cause who needs a decent night’s sleep, really?) Thee MVPs blast through their set with a turbocharged energy – a unifying feature of all the bands who play tonight. Throwing themselves around stage, strings snap and guitars are hoisted behind heads as the group rage their way through their characteristically rock and roll tinged take on garage punk. Equal parts freewheeling and formidable, the outfit introduce the gathered to a very good time.

As political as they are empowered, when Tigercub take to the stage it’s to create an impact that lasts. With a distinctively rambunctious spirit the trio power through songs that swagger and songs that matter. It’s a turbulent energy they present, contagious hooks forced into overdrive, hammering the songwords forcefully home.

Refreshed and reinvigorated after a period away, Pulled Apart By Horses performance is tighter than its ever been. There’s never been any shortage of fury in their sound, and there’s certainly never been any shortage of momentum in their live sets, but tonight the band sound their rawest and most realised. Tearing straight into latest album opener ‘The Haze’ the outfit jump, dive, and sprawl their way through the night in front of a crowd raring to dive head first into every moment.

Whether sliding across the stagefront, clambering on top of the various stage apparatus, or simply revelling in the chaos their sound creates as it washes through the room, the four-piece are entirely in their element. In the darkened venue full of fans and friends, the band showcase just how much calamity they’re capable of (hint: it’s a lot). With bodies moving and sweat dripping, Pulled Apart By Horses were made for shows like this – and tonight is theirs for the taking.


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