Review: Sorority Noise – ‘You’re Not As ___ As You Think’

Sorority Noise have always strived to embody all of life in its heart-wrenching complexity. From contemplations of loss and feeling lost to life-affirming declarations of resolution, it’s all there. With the release of third album ‘You’re Not As ___ As You Think’ the band take it to a whole new dynamic.

Lead single and opening track ‘No Halo’ serves as a potent introduction, intimate reflection recounted along storming riffs and stadium-sized rhythms. It demonstrates the band at their boldest yet, but where Sorority Noise really shine here is through the songs that evolve to embody their every dynamic.

The album’s most engaging moment arrives in ‘A Portrait Of’. Giving voice to anxieties and doubts only to shatter through them with a screaming crescendo of steadfast resolve, this is the sound of Sorority Noise at their strongest. “I’m not trying to say it’s easy, but I’m trying to say it’s fine,” Cameron Boucher sings in the track’s lingering refrain. Essentially that’s all the band want us to know. There might not be a simple answer, but with enough conviction the rocky road ahead might prove so perilous after all.


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