News: Glass Animals launch interactive website to promote sprayonnaise, Super Chicken, and Pork Soda

With the music video for their new single. Glass Animals are putting the ‘pro’ in product placement.

“Did you know that chickens have dreams?” We didn’t either. Sharing the video for “Pork Soda”, the band invite viewers to take a step further into the weird and wonderful world they created on How To Be A Human Being.

Things start off pretty simply, with jelly on a tray and a dog doing its very best to dance, but it isn’t long before the track descends into insanity – slingshots, shattered ceramics, and a man with a dog’s head demonstrating the moonwalk.

Scattered through the video are clips from commercials starring members of Glass Animals. There’s the Palmbrella – first seen as an invention devised by the character from “Life Itself”, there’s Super Chicken (“so super it won’t just be your fingers you’ll be licking”), and of course, the Pork Soda beverage in the track’s title.

On the single’s website you can watch all these commercials in full, on loop, ad infinitum, on a TV set against a background of pineapples falling endlessly through space – because why not?

To keep us grounded through this surreal setting, frontman Dave Bayley has offered an explaination of sorts: “In this video we meet the song’s main character, Mr. Jennings, and get a glimpse into his world of television, slingshots, dancing dogs, SPAM, and American daytime infomercials…”

“There are subtle references to the other album characters and their videos too, from themes in the narrative, to the colours, to the the odd physical props and products seen,” Bayley continues. “The Palmbrella (for instant tropification), Super Chicken (YUM), and the delicious Sprayonnaise (for both rapid and ultra-hygienic mayonnaise application). Those products are explained in even more detail on the accompanying website where you can embrace your inner ‘Mr. Jennings’ and kick back in front of the tele and watch some proper daytime junk. Hehe. I hope you all enjoy.”

Enter the world of “Pork Soda” here (the lone vid is below), and keep track of the worlds within the songs of How To Be A Human Being here.

How To Be A Human Being is out now. Glass Animals kickstart a UK tour in Edinburgh tomorrow. Full details can be found here.

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