News: Happyness share new single “Through Windows”

With their long-anticipated second album on the horizon, Happyness have shared a brand new single called “Through Windows”.

With a charming piano melody woven through its core, “Through Windows” is a stand-out track from the band’s forthcoming release. Demonstrating their wry sense of humour through gentle harmonies and spellbinding call-and-response vocals, the song is a soothing lift out of the humdrum of day-to-day life, and a tranquil escape to something brighter.

“This started as an instrumental thing on guitar and piano,” the group describe. “It was about double the speed. We had to name it immediately to save the Logic file and the name just kind of stuck. The song was written later standing around the piano and the recording was pretty much finished the same day.”

“The chorus started out as kind of a purposeful mishearing of ‘Ride Into The Sun’ by The Velvet Underground,” they expand. “I used to think it could just as easily be heard as ‘Right Into…’, or ‘Write In To…’ – so maybe it’s a song sung to a newspaper, we haven’t quite decided yet. About a week after the album was mastered it struck me that the fade out sounds like a car driving into the distance, which goes nicely with the words.”

Ahead of their new album release, the band recently opened a webstore selling everything from records, through boxes of studio constructed/found memorabilia, to guided tours of favoured hang out Vauxhall City Farm, and more – you can browse in full online now.

Happyness tour the UK though April, details of which can be found here.

Write In is released via Moshi Moshi Recordings on 7 April and is available to pre-order now.

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