News: Beach Beach ease out of a hangover with new single “Scrolling Down”

Building from the success of their debut album, Beach Beach are sharing a brand new single named “Scrolling Down”.

Nestled in the moments between waking and taking the first steps out of bed towards starting the day, “Scrolling Down” is a soundtrack to the break of day on a throbbing hangover. Gentle melodies, smooth vocals, and shimmering riffs lift out of the haze of confusion, ever-so-delicately restoring your sense of the world to rights.

“‘Scrolling Down’ is a song about a typical, sedentary-hangover Sunday,” the band’s Tomeu Mulet describes. “You know, you wake up, pick your cellphone and, after burning your eyes with the shiny screen, start to scroll Instagram down, trying to remember what happened the night before, looking for an answer to the bad sensation that runs through your entire body. You fucked the night up, and the initial headache turns into a deep guilty feeling, without having any intention of going out of bed or move out of the couch.”

“Musically I think that, after an LP full of relentless tempos, we were definitely in the mood for a ballad,” Mulet continues. “The main production concept was to chill our music out a bit, and to record back in Mallorca helped somehow, I guess. It was like, ‘let’s smooth our sound, let’s keep our pajamas on, bring some glasses with ice and lemon, open a bottle of soda and let the light come into the studio.'”

“Scrolling Down” is released on 17 March.

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