News: Purest release punchy, hook-filled debut single ‘Always’

Displaying an affinity for sprawling sonics alongside a knack for punchy pop riffs, Purest are tapping into the sound of something great. With their debut single ‘Always’ the Sheffield outfit disguise disparity in a shimmering wall of sound determined to drown out all the chaos.

“It’s what I said, but I don’t agree,” James Rollings sings, fighting to regain control of an undescribed argument for no other reason than victory’s sake. As stubborn as the riffs that empower it, ‘Always’ is the sound of a band determined to make their voices heard – with hooks this solid, they’ll have no trouble keeping people listening.

“The song explores an inflated sense of self, in an increasingly self-involved world,” James describes. “‘Always’ explores our tendencies to not let go and how it manifests emotionally. Purposely its contradictions show how sometimes it’s hard to see outside of our own perspective.”


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