News: Afterbloom just want to have fun with ‘Such A Drag’

Fresh from the release of their debut 7″ on Flying Vinyl last year, Afterbloom are back with a storming new single to blast away the last of the winter blues.

Building on their affinity for instantly relatable vocal hooks that’ll have you humming in your sleep, ‘Such A Drag’ is a lingering lament against everyone and everything that brings you down. Boasting skuzzed up refrains so huge they raise the ceiling, the track is an escape from the mundane along electric riffs and “la la la”‘s a plenty.

“We recorded this track ourselves at our lock up in one all-nighter,” bassist Luke Morgan describes. “We wanted to go for a DIY approach to it and wanted to mix our lofi and huge sounding influences to fit the style of the song.”

“We were inspired to self-produce by bands like Pavement and The Smiths doing the same at points in their careers, but musically speaking, and in the way the song was written, ‘Such A Drag’ is the lovechild of Lou Reed and George Harrison.”


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