Blog: A guide to Modern and Contemporary Lighting

Navigating the worlds of art and culture can be quite the challenge. So can navigating the world of luxury lighting and design. It can be very easy to lose your way. However, a little of the right knowledge can save a lot of time an effort.

Take contemporary and modern design, for example. They sound the same, right? While the terms are often used interchangeably, that isn’t the case. Once you know the difference, they can be very easy to tell apart.


The Definitions 

Essentially, contemporary design is anything is anything created in the present. Modern design relates to a specific movement known as modernism – a movement that has a start and an end.


The Correlations

To make matters a little confusing, just because these two terms aren’t interchangeable doesn’t meant they don’t overlap. A modern design can’t be contemporary, as the period referred to as modernism is over. However, a contemporary design can be modern (i.e. influenced by that era).


The Differences

There’s a simple way to note the difference in the two terms. Post-modern design exists (suggesting an end to the era of ‘modern design’). Post-contemporary design does not (suggesting anything referred to as ‘contemporary’ is of the now).


The Function

Sounds pedantic,but it’s important to get across what it is you’re trying to say. Whether you’re discussing opinions or conversing with designers, you want to be able to articulate your thoughts accurately. As always, here at i-lite Lighting our expert staff are on hand to help with any queries or demands.


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