Blog: Masiero Sketch To Success

Designs In Process

The process of bringing lighting designs to life is an extensive one. From imagining the designs themselves, through trialing, testing, and selecting the right materials, colours, and finishes, deciding on the production process that will yield the highest quality results, and ensuring each product is of the utmost standard, it takes a long time for a design to become a reality.


Designs Depicted

Masiero have given an intricate look at their designing process, and have shared a number of the sketches for their designs online. Offering a look at some of their products in their early stages of production, these sketches also demonstrate the intense level of artistry that goes into each and every design and creation.

Drawn for custom installations, these sketches present the Masiero products in all their shimmering glory, surpassing the limitations of 2D depictions on a page.

From 1st August, Masiero declared that every Monday they’d be sharing sketches of some of their most intricate products. Keep up to date with the processes behind their finest creations in their collection via their blog.


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