News: Alexander F create an anthem for the apprehensive with “Soft Coffin”

Rubblebucket’s Alex Toth is priming one of the most promising garage pop records of the new year, as demonstrated by this brand new single.

With an instant sing-a-long chorus and pop hooks of gargantuan proportions, Alexander F have created something truly spectacular. “Soft Coffins” is a dream-woven hairbrush anthem purpose crafted to boost the self-esteem. Marrying the darkness of self-doubt with the gleam of punchy pop riffs, this is a track that strives to soar over any the knocks and bumps that life throws up.

“Don’t be scared of what the neighbours say, I spoke to the mirror and everyone here really likes you,” the lyrics echo. Twinkling melodies flood the track with an air of magic, before the whole thing explodes in a whirl of distortion that both elates and exhausts.

It’s a rollercoaster ride of the most fulfilling kind, an adrenaline rush that glitters through the system and leaves you ready for anything. Play it when you’re getting ready to leave the house and try telling us you don’t feel like you can take on the world.

“Soft Coffins” is the second single (following lead track “Swimmers“) to feature from Alexander F’s self-titled debut album, featuring members of Perfect Pussy, Skaters, Here We Go Magic, and more.

Alexander F is released via So Sensation Records on 10 February.

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