Blog: Diesel’s Cage

Creating designs that are contemporary, chic, and rooted in culture, Diesel Lighting products strive to embody an aesthetic. They also strive beyond that, embodying a way of living. Drawing upon ideas from the underground and counterculture, the Cage light is one of Diesel’s most popular designs.



Rooted in history, the light was inspired by the lamps of miners and workers. This industrial aesthetic is presented in the metal cage that surrounds the lamp. Whilst once used for protection, it now acts as an element of decoration.



In contrast to the cold, harsh metal cage, the design features a refined blown glass diffuser. The combination of smooth and sleek with sharp and guarded makes this a highly attractive design. The glossy surface reflects the geometric shape of the cage. This brings the design to life with a combination of light and shadow that’s both playful and practical.



Available in a variety of colours, each version of this light creates a slightly different effect. When switched on the behavior differs between shades and the surface treatment of the diffuser. The light casts an intense downwards beam which is reflected on the lamp’s matt white interior. The Cage light is perfect for illuminating well defined areas, such as a table or a cabinet. It diffuses a soft glow into any space.



At once classic, iconic, and characteristic, Diesel Lighting’s Cage light draws from history. It brings to life a sense of passion, individuality, and expression. As with all of the brand’s products, the Cage represents a lifestyle of hard work and bright rewards.


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