News: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard are releasing five albums in 2017

Prolific Australian septet King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have never been ones to do things by halves. So of course they’re releasing not one, not two, but five new albums next year.

Flying Microtonal Banana is the group’s ninth studio album in six years. “Rattlesnake” is the first song to be shared from the upcoming release – hear it above.

In characteristic King Gizzard form, the track is psychedelic rock at its most scuzzed up and driving. Nearing eight minutes in length, there’s plenty to get lost in and whet appetites ahead of what’s certain to be a mammoth year for the band. The track is accompanied by a video of green-screen hijinks with endless landscapes, twisted visuals, and charasmatic performances.

“Earlier this year we started experimenting with a custom microtonal guitar our friend Zak made for Stu [Mackenzie],” Eric Moore explains of the inspiration for the record. “The guitar was modified to play in 24-TET tuning and could only be played with other microtonal instruments. We ended up giving everyone a budget of $200 to buy instruments and turn them microtonal. The record features the modified electric guitars, basses, keyboards and harmonica as well as a Turkish horn called a Zurna.”

So not only have they made five new records, they’ve also made their own instruments, and if that weren’t enough, the group have also announced UK shows at Manchester Albert Hall on 14 June and London Forum on 15 June (tickets for which go on sale on 14 November). Tired yet?

If you’re still clamouring for more, the group recently released a two-hour tour documentary Bootleg Holiday From Hell, which can be watched in full here.

Details of the band’s four further upcoming albums are yet to be announced.

Flying Microtonal Banana is released via Heavenly Recordings on 24 February and is available to pre-order now.

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