News: Chemtrails bound through post-apocalyptic existence with “Burnt Shadows”

It’s easy to get bogged down by the state of the world today, but with Chemtrails‘ new single, the end of the world has never sounded so good.

Distinctively raucous, and deliciously fuzz drenched, Chemtrails make garage pop at its most addictive. Following on from debut single “Aeons” in September, “Burnt Shadows” is a thrilling venture through an apocalyptic existence “turning the world to shit.”

Bounding with an uptempo energy, the track is as contagious as they come. An anthem for the doomed and frightened, “Burnt Shadows” presents itself with exuberance and energy, whilst lyrics wonder along a setting ruined by nuclear fallout.

Meandering refrains are almost impossibly infectious, guitar solos, and dance along rhythms the perfect juxtaposition to Mia Lust’s scathing commentary and eerily soaring vocals.

Inspired by Threads – what the band describe as “the most harrowing TV programme ever shown” – “Burnt Shadows” is, according to Lust, about “a nightmare that has recently started to feel more topical again, what with the 21st Century’s various looming existential threats.”

“We started recording this bouncy, fun and slightly ramshackle song,” the frontwoman describes. “To stop things from getting too happy, I decided to sing about a scenario close to my heart: living in the aftermath of a nuclear war.”

Love In Toxic Wasteland is released via PNKSLM Recordings on 9 December and is available to pre-order now.

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