Review: Daughter @ Brixton Academy, London

If there’s one band that excel at conveying intense emotion through splendour, it’s Daughter. Taking to the stage at a sold out Brixton Academy, brass trio and percussionist in tow, the group cast their spell of empathy and fervour – and no one remains unmoved.

With the release of their second album ‘Not To Disappear’ in January it seemed like the group have always been destined for moments as great as this. The record – as introspective as it is sprawling and cinematic – seems purpose built for for the converted theatre venue. The majesty of the moment isn’t lost on anyone. With the addition of the extra musicians on stage, Daughters sound is more all-encompassing than ever.

Opening with ‘New Ways’, the spell the band cast is instantaneous. Intricately crafted melodies fill the room, Elena Tonra’s magnetic vocals resounding with a crystal clarity from amongst the monochrome stage lights. It’s the groups older material that really shines. With the benefit of added instrumentation, ‘Smother’ and ‘Shallows’ draw the main set to a shiver-inducing close.

The band barely speak a word between songs – and the few words they do speak are mostly lost in the size of the room – but smiling bashfully at the audience the immensity of what the night means to the group isn’t lost on anyone. If the lack of dry eyes around the venue is any indication, it means just as much to everyone who’s a part of it.


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