News: EAT FAST step out of the shadows with “Public Display Of Affection”

Whether making out in public turns you on or seems outright wrong, EAT FAST‘s”Public Display Of Affection” is sure to leave you a little hot under the collar.

Stepping out from behind their brilliantly garish artwork and emerging with their first studio recording, EAT FAST are taking things to the next level. “Public Display Of Affection” improves on the groups already addictive formula, turning everything up to eleven.

It’s modern romance at its most realised – it’s an all-encompassing setting for heartfelt declarations such as “if you really love me won’t you fuck me like you hate me, let’s get married in a corner shop.”

Rawer, wilder, and with a newly demonstrated clarity, the track showcases EAT FAST at their most uninhibited. Every motion feels innate, a raging calamity that can only be found by truly cutting loose. “Public Display Of Affection” crawls its way under your skin, surging with an electric exhileration that’s sure to leave you desperate for more.

With a debut album due in 2017, and band mastermind Adam Pearson “currently applying the finishing touches to their second LP”, EAT FAST are powering full speed ahead. Taking this as indication of what’s to come, there isn’t anything that’s going to stand in their way.

EAT FAST perfom at The Great Escape’s “First Fifty” launch night at Kamio in London on 24 November.

“Public Display Of Affection” is released via Weekend Denim on 2 November.

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