Review: Ezra Furman @ End Of The Road 2016

One headlining set not enough for the weekend, Ezra Furman performed a secret show and brought day one of End Of The Road to a close in staggering style.

Having powered through ad-libbed renditions of his own songs during an extended soundcheck, the atmosphere was already electric by the time Ezra Furman and his band took to the stage. “We don’t give a fuck, we do whatever we want,” the frontman declared, diving straight into a rendition of Jackie Wilson’s “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher”.

“If you had a band this good wouldn’t you tell them to play your favourite song?” Ezra asked the crowd, before declaring that “tonight we’re just the festival bar band. We’re taking requests. Shout them out, I’m listening.”

Tearing through stylized renditions of everything from The Clash to Beck, and Weezer through Arcade Fire, to Bruce Springsteen at the request of their audience, the band’s performance was a non-stop celebration of everything the gathered love most.

“Did you actually say like a virgin? I’m not saying we know how to play like a virgin…” Ezra stated, his band already having launched into the track behind him. “There’s some persistent requesters. You give em an inch,” he laughed.

Ending with a rousing performance of “Please Mr Postman”, the applause was near-raptuous. Leaving sing alongs¬†continuing long into the night, you won’t ever see another performance quite like it.



“(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher”
“Train In Vain”
“Like A Virgin”
“The Good Book”
“The Mall”
“Devils Haircut”
“El Scorcho”
“Crown Of Love”
“The Promised Land”
“Please Mr Postman”


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