Review: Baywaves @ End Of The Road 2016

Winners of the festival’s┬áPlay End Of The Road competition, Baywaves kickstart End Of The Road in captivating style.

“We’ve come all the way from Madrid, Spain!” the band announced mid-set. After an arduous day of travel, the act were a brilliant start to what’s no doubt going to be an unforgettable weekend.

Making an appearance as part of their first tour on these shores, Baywaves arrived primed and ready to impress. Powering through their set with no shortage of buoyant energy, the outfit swang the festival into gear in distinctive style.

Performing with barely a word, their reverb-laden pop hooks proved an effortless crowd pleaser. Bubbling melodies and echoing vocals drew in the masses with an all-natural charm as the group lost themselves in the music they were performing.

With a sample teaching the crowd how to say ‘I want two beers’ in Spanish, the set is as educational as it is entertaining.


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