Interview: Ezra Furman @ End Of The Road 2016

Following a secret set of karaoke anthems last night at End of the Road Festival – and ahead of a headline performance tomorrow night – Ezra Furman performed another intimate acoustic set, this time deep in the woods.

Standing solitary on the stage, the musician drew an adoring audience that filled the clearing. Recieving gifts of new shoes and a collection of Oscar Wilde before and after his performance, the impact the musician makes is clearly felt by all.

Performing a six-song set including favourites “I Watch You Go By” and b-side “The Prisoner”, Ezra Furman’s performance was as open-hearted as it was stripped bare.

“Those were the ones that I felt I could be real singing at this moment,” Ezra explained us after the performance. “You can’t always sing any song. I try to do the ones that feel like they’re vibrating in me genuinely.”

“This lays the song bare,” he said of the stripped-back nature of the set. “I like to show the bones of the song. Show its skeleton and do an anatomy lesson.”

Playing such a small set in between two headline sets, the musician was unabashedly grateful for every moment. “I’ve been working really hard for a really long time to do music,” he illustrated. “It seems to suggest that it might be possible to keep doing it. The worry the whole time is ‘I’m going to have to stop doing this in the next six months.’ That’s mostly how I’ve felt for ten years. I’m just like ‘this can’t last, this music be about to end.’”

“Now it’s feeling less and less like that,” he concluded. “It’s like I’m getting better and better at making this a viable thing to do, and I’m getting better at doing it – at writing songs and performing. I’m not one of those people who was good when they first showed up and then they get worse. I’m getting better with age.”

End of the Road continues this weekend with headine sets from Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective, Bat for Lashes and Teenage Fanclub. Download the official clashfinder.

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