Review: The 1975 @ Reading 2016

Drawing Reading to a close on the NME stage, The 1975 are not only making memories to last a lifetime, but careering into the future with no uncertain amount of possibility. Strutting their stuff and smoking on stage, the groups effortless rock star personas and ridiculously addictive pop hooks are a sure-fire recipe for success.

Two years, a second album, and a step up the bill from the last time they were here, the outfit bring the festival to an all-new elated high. From the explosive introduction of ‘Love Me’ through to the dynamite set-closers of ‘Chocolate’, ‘The Sound’, and ‘Sex’, the love that floods the tent is nothing short of outright devotion.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but I can promise you two things,” Healy announces to the festival site as they approach their last song. “One: we’re going to go away and make another record. Two: we’re going to come back and we’re going to fucking headline Reading, I fucking promise you.”

Whether that’s a declaration of intent or a bona fide actuality remains to be seen, but judging by their response here tonight, there’s every sense that this is a challenge the outfit can easily rise to. Same time next year, gents? We’ll see you down the front.


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