Review: Modern Baseball @ Reading 2016

With cheers of appreciation flooding the tent before the band even start playing, there’s no ignoring the dedication Modern Baseball inspire in their fans. Since the release of ‘Holy Ghost’ earlier this year, the band have risen from cult status to cultural heroes. And it’s a mutual appreciation. Checking in on their crowd between songs, there’s every sense that Modern Baseball are here just for those present.

Dividing their set between celebrated new material and long adored favourites, their set is purpose crafted to speak to every single person present. It’s an intense emotion to be a part of, but coupled with the band’s freewheeling onstage antics and live in the moment attitude, the performance is purpose geared towards a feel good time.

And that’s what Modern Baseball are brilliant at providing. Accidentally starting the wrong song half way through (“fooled you guys”) and shouting out specific instruments on the stage (“let’s hear it for floor tom!”) the outfit are energized and engaged – and you’d be hard pressed to find a crowd more electric.

A near constant stream of crowdsurfers keeps security busy, whilst the motion on the ground means you couldn’t stop moving even if you wanted to. After dropping out of the festival last year, this has been a long time coming. As they end their set with instantaneous anthem ‘Just Another Face’, the group secure their place in the hearts of everyone they’ve encountered.


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