Review: Will Joseph Cook @ Reading 2016

Presenting bubbling indie for the blissful of heart, Will Joseph Cook offers a shelter from the rain that’s laces with brilliance. More realised with on stage with a full band behind him, his songs scale to a new lease of life that does more than justify the hype.

Laughing and joking between songs, the performance embodies feel good vibes of the highest order. “We’re doing a bit of a competition to see which is a better crowd,” he tells his audience. “Bit more of a mosh at Leeds. I encourage that.”

Whether it’s the bop along refrains of ‘Take Me Dancing’ or the delectably smooth echoes of ‘Message,’ Will Joseph Cook demonstrates a capability at whatever direction he turns his hand to.

Filling up the tent as the downpour increases, the audience remain long after it wears off. Captivated by the sounds instead of captive by the weather, it shows just how much of an instant appeal this artist bears.


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