Review: King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard @ Reading 2016

Following the release of an endless album earlier this year, King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard put on a show that no one wants to end.

Releasing eight records (and two EPs) in four years, the band boast a prolific intensity that makes them truly unique. The psych rock outfit have garnered no shortage of acclaim over their time together, and from the moment they start to work their intricately woven magic on the crowd it’s instantly evident why.

Twisted psych refrains reach out and grasp the audience by the hand, guiding down a rabbit hole of darkened fantasy. Classic nuances light the way into the universe the band have created, a layered tapestry giving way to deeply contagious hooks. Curdling screams and shiver-inducing croons meld together with a bitter allure, whilst lurching breakdowns spiral to explosion point, a twist and turn at every corner.

If festivals are about escapism, you’d be hard pushed to find a band more suited. Fuelled by reverie and ignited by a raucous energy, King Gizzard whisk the gathered away to the furthest corners of imagination.


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