Review: Trash Boat @ Reading 2016

“We’ve been coming to reading festival since 2009,” Tobi Duncan enthuses to the crowd. Taking to The Pit stage, Trash Boat’s performance is every bit a celebration. “I want to see you tear this shit up!” the frontman exclaims. Hurtling through their set at full velocity, the group incite their addictive brand of chaos in the way that only they can.

Even during their slower, stripped back moments, the group’s songs are tinged with an electric excitement for the calamity that follows. Hand on bleeding heart emotional, with an innate ferocity tearing through at the seams, the outfit ignite the wild side in all who hear them.

A circle pit rages around the pillar in the centre of the tent, and at one point it seems like there are as many legs in the air as arms with all the crowdsurfers sailing overhead. It’s chaotic, at times borders on feral, and throughout the band remain masters of the disarray. Inviting the gathered to pour “all your energy, all your love” into their final song, Trash Boat lay out everything they have to offer. It’s this unfettered openness that makes them such a thrill.


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