Review: AlunaGeorge @ Reading 2016

Bringing the eccentrics out the tentworks, AlunaGeorge demonstrate they know exactly what to do to keep people dancing. From the gang two-stepping around the outskirts, through the group dancing around a pole crafted from a collection of discarded cups, to the particularly enthusiastic crowdmember somersaulting over his friends’ heads, the performance is fuelled by an unhinged energy.

But it’s not all fun and games. “Sometimes I like to get into politics,” Aluna Francis declares to her audience. “I’m a human being, you’re a human being, we have to work together!” Asking the gathered to “think about what they believe in,” the set might be a devil may care blast through the most eccentric of dance moves, but it’s underpinned with a deep rooted significance.

And that’s exactly what AlunaGeorge do well. Igniting an underlying passion, they inspire extravagance in everyone present. Cut loose and fancy free, their addictive enthusiasm for hook-laden melodies echoes all through the tent.

Beckoning tfootball staudium esque chants to drown out her attempt at rapping (“you hated that, you absolutely hated that! I’m never rapping again”), the entire performance is geared towards the feel-good vibe. What else are festivals for?


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