News: The Big Moon provide a starstruck summer soundtrack with “Silent Movie Susie”

Premiered as the Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 last night, The Big Moon‘s new single showcases a band set for stardom.

Making riotous guitars and stadium-ready choruses look like the most effortless thing on earth, The Big Moon are creating no shortage of buzz. With each new release, they continue to reach brand new heights.

Already a staple at their live shows, “Silent Movie Susie” is as spirited as it is freewheeling. Lamenting lyrics meet a raging chorus in a whirlwind of addictive exaltation. It’s rocky, it’s poppy, it’s hooky, and honestly, what more do you need?

With studio time to record their debut album already booked, now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. Hold on tight, it’s sure to be a thrilling ride.

“Silent Movie Susie” is released on vinyl via Fiction Records on 25 September, and is available to download now.

Check it out below.


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