Review: Blaenavon @ Latitude 2016

“That dancing went straight to my head,” frontman Ben Gregory exclaims in a breather between songs. “Might not make it.” It sounds like something of an exaggeration, but witnessing the energy with which Blaenavon throw themselves around as they play, it’s no surprise they’re left reeling.

For the half hour the band spend on the Lake Stage, the gathered crowd respond in kind. Starting a mosh pit before the barrier, fans go berserk, limbs flailing more with every song.

At once captivating and and instantly liberating, Blaenavon incite singalongs, dance moves and heckles of adoration.

“You guys have been fucking tasty,” the group declare as they launch into their closing song, long time fan favourite ‘Prague’. Ben – despite being flu-ridden – dives into of the crowd, still playing his guitar, before returning to the stage. Not a bad way to finish.


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