Review: Yung – ‘A Youthful Dream’

Having spent years performing in bands in and around their home of Aarhus in Denmark, Yung are no strangers to the world of music. Newcomers they might not be, but if ‘A Youthful Dream’ shows anything, it’s a band at the start of something great. Whether their tracks are raging with a freewheeling energy or resonating with a startling intensity, everything on their debut record echoes with a sense of character that’s too tangible to fake.

Take, for example, ‘Uncombed Hair’: with a deliciously sun-kissed style of garage punk, the track’s hauntingly catchy lyrics cry out against depression. In a similar fashion, ‘Morning View’ resounds with all the chiming optimism of a brand new day, whilst the words continuously ring with the reminder that “it’ll soon be dark”.

It’s a mixed up world that the band inhabit. But then again, it’s a mixed up world that everyone wakes up in. ‘A Youthful Dream’ is the sound of a band finding their voice in that world as it starts to open up to them, the echoes of aspirations taking hold and settling in alongside reality.

The release hinges on album centrepiece ‘The Child’. A conscious effort to do something different, the track incorporates dancing piano lines and even brass melodies into the mix, giving form and voice to the internal monologue of someone trying to find their place amidst pressure.

‘Blanket’ is perhaps the band at their most raucous, distorted feedback and splintering vocal cries racing on a blustering venture that’ll leave any listener short of breath.

“It’s just pain wrapped in beautiful times,” frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær cries out on the album’s title track – and essentially, that’s what this album is. Yung make no bones about the nature of the world they inhabit, and in doing so, they speak to anyone who cares to listen.


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