Review: Twin Peaks – ‘Down In Heaven’

For Chicago rabble-rousers Twin Peaks, life has always been about non-stop celebration. Born of the breaks between tour dates and party nights, ‘Down In Heaven’ is a little slice of paradise. Leaning away from the scuzzed-up aggression that flooded their earlier records, the group sound fresher and more refined. Fresher and more refined, the album ventures through the worries and wonders of the day-to-day with a freewheeling honesty.

Letting emotions breathe through their songs, Twin Peaks have crafted a sound that’s as unpredictable as it is unhinged. What at first seems to charm can quickly contrast into something completely different. With delicate acoustics and crooning lyrics, ‘Heavenly Showers’ has all the makings of a ballad at its most heartfelt, but adamantly resisting all notions of romance in favour of feeling fine and fancy free, the number reaches its heart-swelling climax as it turns its back on devotion. ‘Cold Lips’ is pent up aggression at it’s most humoured. “You can live how you want, if you don’t mind living alone” frontman Cadien Lake spits, rage twirling along chiming guitar riffs and echoing intonations.

Rambunctious and rowdy, ‘Butterfly’ combines pent up frustrations with a ‘seize the day’ mentality. “In a little while I’ll be gone,” the chorus lyrics cry, turning the transience of existence into motivation for seduction. ‘Keep It Together’ is the album at its most rock and roll. Boasting flame worthy guitar licks, aggressive piano stabs, and elated horn melodies, the track meanders through the intensity of attraction with an unrivalled swagger.

Twisting and turning conventions to fit a mould of their own making, Twin Peaks are masters of their craft. Coupling a dexterity honed over countless live shows with a wry sense of humour, with ‘Down In Heaven’ the band find their own slice of paradise, primed and ready for anyone else who wants it too.


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