News: Kate Jackson airs “The End Of Reason” from upcoming solo LP British Road Movies [Premiere]

Former Long Blondes frontwoman Kate Jackson has shared a new track from her debut solo album British Road Movies.

Written and recorded alongside guitarist/producer Bernard Butler (Suede, The Tears), British Road Movies was conceived with every song as a movie title. “The road, much written about in American popular song, and an American cinematic staple, is often ignored in British culture,” Jackson explains of the album’s concept. “As an island our roads lead somewhere far too quickly to hold adventure. We are not the land of Jack Kerouac but of Antiques Road Trip. But who is to say our roads can’t be cinematic?”

An audio pairing to a series of paintings from Jackson in Summer 2015 (to be exhibited around the album release), the record is a cinematic venture along our country’s roads and through our country’s towns. “The End Of Reason” is the latest track to be shared from the record. Racing with the soaring momentum of the open road and bright city lights, Jackson sings about wasted days with such a buoyant energy that any negativity seems almost lost – which is kind of the point.

She describes the track as “a post-Orwellian vision of a society in which nothing makes sense. The lines between right and wrong have become confused, and there is no longer a sense of what is real and what is not. I lived in Sheffield for nearly 10 years and there’s a place on the outskirts of the city called Valley Centertainment which is just themed restaurants, a multiplex cinema, and a bowling alley. It has its own tram stop but it’s a false reality.”

“I used to love it there because it was supposed to be escapist and utopian but in actual fact felt like being in The Truman Show,” she expands. “False walls, 24-hour CCTV, microwaved world cuisine, enough parking spaces for thousands of people, empty. When I wrote the song I was thinking about the extremes of Reality TV and how social media blurs the lines between what should be private and public. What starts off as simple entertainment becomes warped and harmful, until eventually our lives are worthless unless played out in a public arena.”

Jackson will perform across the country with her band The Wrong Moves through April, May, and June. Details of these dates can be found below.

British Road Movies is released via Hoo Ha Records on 20 May, and is available to pre-order as a download, CD, or LP.


22 – Bury St Edmunds, Abbeygate Cinema


17 – Cambridge, The Portland Arms
19 – Brighton, The Great Escape
20 – London, Rough Trade East


3 – London, Courtyard Theatre
4 – Glasgow, The Hug and Pint
5 – Sheffield, Picture House Social


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