News: We Are Scientists restore the bee population in “Too Late” music video

New York outfit We Are Scientists have shared the music video for “Too Late”.

Floating through foreign lands, the band tackle the long discussed problem of vanishing bees with their trademark sense of humour, restoring the population though the most logical means – dance.

“Chris and I have spent a long time averring that what we make is straight-up pop music, but “Too Late” was the song that really called my bluff on that sensibility,” frontman Keith Murray explains to us via email. “It was the do-or-die song, for the album. There were so many ways we could have easily hidden the hooks underneath nasty guitars or raw live takes, but the ethos of Helter Seltzer really came together when we decided to just go ahead and commit to making this as bald-faced a slab of pop music as we could, and that decision became the overarching approach to the entire record.

“Although the lyrics are couched in the language of a love song, it’s as much about my friendship with Chris as anything else,” he continues.  We’ve known each other for almost 20 years now, and despite the well-proven adage that being in a band is an excellent way to destroy a friendship, he’s still the person I most want to hang out with.  It’s pretty weird to spend three months on a tour bus with someone and then, upon returning home, be able to wait only about 48 hours before calling to see if they want to go to a movie, or something.”

“Too Late” features on We Are Scientists’ upcoming album Helter Seltzer, released via 100% Records on 22 April. Full details of the record, and the group’s upcoming tour, can be found here.

Stream “Too Late” below.


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