News: Big Deal announce new album, share title track “Say Yes”

Big Deal are back with a brand new album in tow, and they’re sounding bolder than ever.

The anticipated follow up to 2013’s June Gloom, titled Say Yes, will be released this June after a long and drawn out struggle.

“We had to start everything from scratch – it was fight or flight and we decided to fight,” Alice Costelloe states. “Pretty much everything that could fall apart for us, did. This included parting with our label [Mute], breaking up a relationship, band members leaving and losing all of our music when my apartment was broken into. We didn’t want to give up, or revel in our misery. We decided instead to try and turn it into something magic.”

The first taste of that magic arrives in the guise of title track “Say Yes”. “The first [album] was about not being together, the second about being together, the third is about breaking up and trying to make sense of it all,” Alice describes of the band’s ongoing narrative. “The three albums in effect make one enormous concept record.”

Stream “Say Yes” below, and find the record’s tracklisting beneath.

Say Yes is released via FatCat Records on 10 June.


1. Hold Your Fire
2. Avalanche
3. Say Yes
4. Saccharine
5. Lux
6. Veronica
7. V.I.T.R.I.O.L.
8. Kitty Pride
9. Still My Dream
10. Don’t Forget
11. Idyllwild


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