News: PWR BTTM get glam in the desert in new music video for “West Texas”

New York’s finest queer rockers PWR BTTM bring glitter and glamour to the Mojave Desert in their latest music video.

With catwalk-ready struts and confetti cannons aplenty, PWR BTTM hit all the right boxes. Filmed in an abandoned waterpark, “West Texas” places tales of lost love in a forsaken location, coupled with the iconic glitz that the duo present so well.

“What if you threw a party and no one came? What if your friends were all at the beach and you were at the DMV? What if your crush never texted back?” Liv Bruce questioned NPR. “Maybe all you can do is focus on what you like about yourself and try to have a good time alone. This video is about taking authorship of your life, even if you can’t fully control which characters stick around.”

Ugly Cherries is available via via Father/Daughter Records and Miscreant Records now, and will see relase on vinyl later this year.

Stream “West Texas” below, but fair warning, it may cause extreme hot flashes and boy sweats.


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