Review: Hinds @ Hare & Hounds, Birmingham

With fans dancing around them on stage, Hinds have an unfailing ability to bring the celebration.

Transporting the crowd along scorching refrains to the sun-kissed climate they call home, the four-piece’s spark of enthusiasm spreads like wildfire through the Hare & Hounds tonight. With a set of songs tightly honed over performances across the world, they couple an effortless knack for dance along choruses with a charisma that overflows beyond the already packed room.

With a wayward smirk and a freewheeling sense of fun, Hinds command their audience. Celebrated singles ‘Chili Town’ and ‘Bamboo’ get the room moving and shaking like nothing else, and it isn’t long before people are flooding the stage to dance along with the Spanish quartet. They might be more polished than their first show at the venue last May, but the group’s characteristically raw energy is as down and dirty as it always has been.

Igniting the Hare & Hounds in the way that only they can, Hinds put on a show that’s as blissfully carefree as it is rousingly distorted. With a glint in their eye and their hearts on their sleeves, the group embody the fun in their function.


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