Review: Sheer Mag – “Can’t Stop Fighting”

The vitality that rages through the Philly quintet’s music remains unrivalled. Part garage, part punk, part hair metal, the group’s characteristic sound, helmed by the astounding vocals of frontwoman Christina Halladay, has surrounded them in a whirlwind of hype. Not that the band seem to take much notice. Disregarding the buzz that circles their very name, they simply continue to do what they do best. Characteristically forsaking drumroll or fanfare, Sheer Mag have burst back on the scene with something brand new.

Wild and unhinged, Sheer Mag are challenging the notions that surround them. The message is vital, and its medium is key. Near primal melodies instinctively race with the same potency and need to be heard as the vocals that empower the song’s weighted lyrics. A hairbrush anthem for the modern age, ‘Can’t Stop Fighting’ is raw power put to poignant use. Challenging the patriarchal nature of the culture we live in, Sheer Mag present their own raw take on “just what’s at stake”.

Demonstrating the band at their most potent yet, the track boasts guitar riffs that blaze with a near demented fury, the perfect compliment to the track’s ferocious lyrics. “You say you don’t understand,” Christina screeches towards the track’s end. “I can see the blood, it’s on your hands.” It’s a rousing call to action against anyone who doesn’t see the need to fight for a better state of things.

Portraying messages as spirited as the music that carries them, Sheer Mag’s time is undoubtedly imminent – if they keep this vow to carry on fighting, it won’t be long until they have the world at their feet. From what we’ve heard from the five-piece so far, that seems like a place worth fighting for.


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