News: Bas Jan drive through the weird and wonderful with debut single “Sat Nav” [Premiere]

Combining luscious harmonies, searing solos, and stuttering syths, Bas Jan‘s debut single could just as easily fit in with any of the past three decades as it does with this one.

Part driving folk, part haunting piano ballad, part dance pop, and part rock goddess slide solo, “Sat Nav” should, for all intents and purposes, be a car crash. But in the hands of Serafina Steer, Sarah Anderson, and Jenny Moore, the venture is entirely enchanting.

Echoing vocals paint a very real picture of passing surroundings, carried on the pace of bubbling keys and toe tapping rhythms. One by one the elements take complete control, but never once overpower, showing different facets and capabilites of the whole.

“Sat Nav” might not reveal Bas Jan’s intended destination, but when their first steps included a show in front of 6000 people, it certainly shows they’re bound towards bolder and brighter things.

“Sat Nav” is released via Whipped Cream Records on 11 December.


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