Review: Sudakistan – ‘Caballo Negro’

Groaning into life with tribal percussion and frenzied battle cries, Caballo Negro is entirely instinctive.

Sudakistan play as if on impulse. Heavily influenced by the South American roots of four-fifths of the band members, their music is exotic, raw, even snarling.

Their riotous live shows have already earned them fans across the globe. Now, at long last, the Swedish quintet have condensed their capabilities into a full-length album, and it’s about to rock the very sense out of anyone who hears it.

Driving rhythms and echoing chorus vocals resound with a wild sense of intuition. The songs evolve continuously as the musicians are carried away by their own energy. It should be a complete calamity, but out of all that, Sudakistan forge a record that’s completely captivating.

“Mundo Mamon” races on the wings of breakneck speed rhythms, anthemic vocals urging the listener to join with the movement. With “Dale Gas” the band craft a world of sonics that never stops revolving. As the motion and twanging guitars whiz by it’s impossible not to lose yourself in the moment. Because that’s what Sudakistan do best: a wild release of energy, melody, and rhythms that cut straight for the core, infecting and enlightening everything they come near.

“Concrete Djungle” is a heart-juddering example of this. Tearing through any preconceived notion of, well, pretty much anything, the track blusters and barrages, reveling in it’s own sense of freedom before winding down into a ceaselessly unraveling soundscape – and it’s entirely mystifying. “Rumba” sees the band transcend into the psychedelic, whilst somehow losing none of the energy that defines them. “Skymning” is perhaps their boldest offering yet: nearing six minutes of melodies that twist and turn and wrap their way around your heart until the only thing that matters is where the music can take you.

For its forty minute duration Caballo Negro will take over your mind, body, and soul – even having two left feet won’t stop you dancing to the beat. Play it loud and play it proud, and whilst the music takes hold you won’t find a finer sense of freedom.


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