News: Milk Teeth detail debut album alongside triumphant new track “Brickwork”

Announcing the release of their hotly anticipated debut album, Milk Teeth have shared the video for lead track “Brickwork”.

Blustering with all the energy of a miniature hurricane, the track takes hold and carries you away. Storming chorus hooks, ferocious verses, and a entranced breakdown demonstrate the band at their most potent force. Scuzzed up and filthily loud, “Brickwork” sees Milk Teeth take pop to its most destructive depths, and emerge sounding entirely victorious.

Accompanied by a video that showcases all manner of energetic greenscreen antics, “Brickwork” is just the foundation for their first full-length, and we can’t wait to see the full picture.

Vile Child is released on 29 January via Hopeless Records. The tracklist can be found below.


1. Brickwork
2. Driveway Birthday
3. Burger Drop
4. Brain Food
5. Swear Jar (again)
6. Get a Clue
7. Moon Wanderer
8. Kabuki
9. Crows Feet
10. Leona
11. Cut You Up
12. Sunbaby


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