Review: Nudes – ‘Nudes’

For indie rock and roll at it’s most brazenly addictive, look no further. Three-piece Nudes (made up of members from the celebrated Playlounge and Saturday’s Kids) have the formula perfected.

Their debut self-titled album is a snapshot in time, a fingerprint of personality that’s capable of energising as much as it enchants. Blustering in at a mere twenty minutes, Nudes‘ first offering may be brief, but it’s in no way fleeting – flooded with a juvenile nostalgia, the record rages with all the pent-up energy, anger, adoration, and emotion that floods through youth. Whether it’s falling in love with a moment or lashing out at the world, this record calls out from the core with emotions anyone can echo.

Remember summers spent with friends, first times drinking in the park amidst the struggle to figure out who you are and where you’re headed? Nudes’ debut is a nod to all of that, to simpler times and honest confusion, three cheers to the sounds and sensations that soundtracked a generation. The good, the bad, and the downright wild, with their debut album, Nudes are celebrating it all.

Shake your worries out your head melodies, air guitar refrains, and drum along rhythms are abundant. Opening track “Our Headache Years” is a vigorous venture through the confusion and celebrated calamity of youth. “Drive Straight To The Black Hole” turns up the distortion and drive with an anxious desperation. “The Dig” is both sinister and raw, whilst “Constant Summer” breezes with runaway melodies, and Token swooning ballad “Promise You Won’t Move Too Close” is as sincerely heartfelt as you could ask for.

Basting through complexities with an addictive catharsis, Nudes’ debut album might not shake free your concerns, but it acts as the comforting companion letting you know it’s fine to have them. So crank up the volume and let loose, and for twenty minutes at least, you’ve got all the freedom you need.


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