Interview: Magic Potion

Music can lead a person to a lot of different places. Packing their bags for their first shows abroad, Magic Potion are still trying to wrap their heads around just how far a few songs seem to be taking them. “We’ve released 14 minutes of music and it’s going to carry us 900 miles. 3857 miles per hour. Approximately five times the speed of sound,” they state. “Which is kind of mind-bending news to all the physics peeps out there.”

Travelling to the UK on the wave of success emanating from their debut EP, the Swedish four-piece carry with them a constant sense of amazement at the attention that surrounds them. “That is some surreal Bieber fame going on right there,” they exclaim of a recent Magic Potion cover to surface on YouTube. “To be honest, we’re super excited about it, of course, and it’s really heartening!”

Magic Potion unveiled their debut track ‘Deep Web’ in February. Seven months down the line and preparing to perform across an ocean for the first time, the group are equal parts awed and enthused “Deep Web was basically just a song to kick the band off, and we weren’t really expecting that any people would discover it,” they say. “We were quite overwhelmed with the positive response. You could say it acted as an initial confidence boost for the whole nation of baby lizards,” they joke.

Anticipated or not, the dream-pop quartet are making the most of every moment they’re granted. With their first UK shows imminent, and a debut album soon to follow, Magic Potion are forging out a reputation as masters of their craft. They might say the most exciting thing about performing abroad is Big Ben, but their drive is as undeniable as their dexterity. Taking a pause from packing, the group talked through their divine inspirations and sparking international success.

What inspired you to start this band and start out on this venture together?

We’re friends since a couple of years back, and some of us played together in different bands before. The stars aligned or whatever and we found this really under-priced tape machine that we started playing with that led to the recording of the EP and the beginning of the band.

What’s the music scene like in Stockholm?

Well, it’s probably better now than it was a couple of years ago. There are some people doing a lot of cool things. However the music business in Sweden as a whole seems pretty biased towards big name export stuff. And that’s fine, but there are a lot of great new bands that don’t get the recognition they deserve.

What were some of the inspirations behind your ‘Melt EP’?

We didn’t really have a thought out theme for the EP. I guess we feel that some parts of the EP maybe have quite a summery feel to it, but it wasn’t like we wanted to write “summer songs” per say. Honestly, the EP wasn’t too well thought out; we basically gathered around a few ideas and tried to have as much fun as possible around making music. So we wrote some songs that we enjoyed to play, recorded them, and that was that. We mainly tried to capture a good feel without being all carpe diem-y about it.

Recording on a reel-to-reel tape recorder you achieved a very distinctive sound. What prompted the choice to record this way?

We found a broken one for cheap, glued it together, and it happened to sound quite nice. At the same time, we were kind of tired of being tied up to a computer all the time and wanted to try a more immediate way of recording. Obviously it has its limitations with track counts and so on, and we’ve had our share of panic attacks cause the machine tends to break every now and then. But it’s mega fun to play with and it’s a cool creative process, for us at least, to not have a million takes to work with all the time. It’s so easy to ruin the vibe if you’re overly fussy about stuff, you know?

With your recording style making such an imprint on your sound, how does that translate live?

We’re not super nerdy about re-enacting the recorded sound when playing live. Hopefully though, we probably have something going on about the way we play that will make it sound Magic Potion-like. We try to do our best in being key players in the pop industry franchise business – up there with the starzzz.

What are you most looking forwards to about making your international debut?

Big Ben.

Now the EP is out in the world, you’re working on your debut album. How is that shaping up in comparison to your first release?

We’re in the middle of the process and will be recording sporadically over the next few months. So far it’s turning out great, lots of pro stuff and yummy vibes that we’re excited to share, but we don’t have a release date yet. It’s being recorded in basically the same way as the EP as far as we’re doing it ourselves in our rehearsal space etc. All of us are big album listeners and obviously want to do a nice album that’s well put together, but it’s not like we’re gonna try to do a space opera or anything. We’ve played together a while longer now and probably know each other a bit better music-wise, which will surely do some good for the new jamz.


Magic Potion headline The Old Blue Last on 1st October, and perform at The Waiting Room on 2nd October as part of PNKSLM Recordings’ Slime Ball weekender. ‘Melt EP’ is out now on PNKSLM Recordings.


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