News: Victories At Sea forge a world of their own with new track “Sirens”

Rising from the concrete streets of England’s second city, Victories At Sea are ready to make their mark. With their debut album ready for release next month, the group have cemented their stature with a brand new track.

A cinematic soundscape of intense proportions, “Sirens” ebbs and flows with a natural energy. Despite the title, there are no alarm bells or warnings. What starts out steady and haunting soon becomes an immersive dance of melodies and refrains.

Echoing chords resound with a wistful splendour, gliding and guiding until the track’s infectious rhythms take control. Set against a video of a Berlin time-lapse, “Sirens” may race and ramble, but by doing so it perfectly conveys the busy sounds of big city life.

Nostalgic yet refreshingly novel, Victories At Sea are displaced of time and location. Familiar yet unknown, they’re opening up a whole new world for your exploration – so what are you waiting for?

Everything Forever is released via Static Caravan Recordings on 30 October. Stream “Sirens” below.



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