News: Stream Boys’ dazzling debut EP in full [Premiere]

Taking a momentary step away from her time in HOLY, Nora Karlsson – aka Boys – is streaming her debut solo EP online ahead of its release on Friday.

Boys’ debut release is a venture out of place and time. Nostalgic yet somehow not of this world, Kind Of Hurt dazzles and enchants, a twisting, constantly evolving tapestry of resounding dynamics and echoing refrains.

“Dream” twirls with an ethereal music box quality, a twinkling core brought to life and made flesh. Lead track “Ever Before” is Karlsson’s poppiest effort, dancing with intensity amidst a haze of magnetic wonder.

“Believe Anything” is the kind of song that makes sorrow appealing. Both fragile and addictive, the track’s haunting refrains weigh on the mind, emotions lingering long after the record ends. The meandering riffs of “Stars And Lies” are uptempo and contagious, guiding through shifting instrumentation and downbeat lyrics.

It’s a wholly impressive venture, primed to bewitch from the moment you press play. So what are you waiting for?

Kind Of Hurt EP is released on 25 September via PNKSLM Recordings. Stream it in full below.


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