News: Swim Deep take an eight-minute trip into the unknown with “Fueiho Boogie”

With their second album released next month, Swim Deep have shared their boldest effort yet – an eight minute whirlwind venture through techno, krautrock, and bass-led breakdowns.

Larger and more sprawling than anything the Birmingham quartet have put out to date, “Fueiho Boogie” is purpose-crafted to get you moving. Sure, it makes for a lengthy listen, but with catchy synth hooks and unrelenting rhythms, the track never once tires.

Racing, raging, and – let’s face it – outright ridiculous, “Fueiho Boogie” revels in its own energy, both absurd and entirely addictive.

Swim Deep tour across the U.K. this October, details of these shows can be found here.

Mothers is released on 2 October via RCA / Chess Club.

Stream “Fueiho Boogie” below.



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