News: PWR BTTM get burly and beautified in vintage “1994” video

Celebrating the release of their debut album (out today), everyone’s favourite vowel-less queer punk duo have shared a brand new vintage video for their track “1994”.

Characteristically rambunctious, PWR BTTM’s latest offering combines a wide-eyed innocence with weighted refrains and a sear-to-your-heart solo.

The video combines iconic aspects of pop culture past – retro cars, trainers, cartoons, toys, consoles, sugar sweets, and more flash by, whilst the late Macho Man Randy Savage makes a cameo singing verse one with glittered lips. Dressed in their finery, the band perform the track in a flooring display of flair and energy.

If the song wasn’t addictive enough on its own, the lyrics are included bottom of screen to turn the track into an instant karaoke classic.

“It feels like it’s been a long time coming,” Liv Bruce told us in conversation about the duo’s debut album. “It’s a lot of us, and we’re really excited to share it.”

The wait is no more. Ugly Cherries is released today (18 September) via Father/Daughter Records and Miscreant Records.



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