News: Mac DeMarco commemorates End Of The Road’s tenth anniversary the way only he can

Returning to the stage after an impeccable set, Mac DeMarco sang “Happy Birthday” to End Of The Road and presented a cake to the festival.

Throwing the cake into the crowd, the audience responded in the natural fashion – they threw the cake back. Ending his set amidst a shower of chocolate pieces, DeMarco was triumphant.

Performing on the Garden Stage before a crowd that never stopped moving for a moment, his set was an effortless highlight. Joking with his fans and smoking while he played, the Canadian frontman charmed and disarmed.

Promoting his new mini-album No Other One, DeMarco mixed new songs with signature anthems for the alternative such as “Viceroy” and “Freaking Out The Neighbourhood”, alongside a take on Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ In The Years”.

“You can dance – if you wanna dance,” he tells his crowd. “If you don’t, it’s okay.” Bopping and swaying, the motion in front of the stage never ceased. Crowdsurfers soared over the movers and shakers, who reappeared from the stage front looking exhilarated.

Ending on “Together”, DeMarco dived into the crowd (“straight to the ground, once again”) soundtracked by an extended jam from his band, before emerging clad in a pink wig for a final chorus. Taking a bow, the group left the stage to rapturous applause. Dazed, enthused, and speckled in chocolate cake, there was no better way to see this celebration through.

Happy Birthday End Of The Road!


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