News: Saint Etienne bring End Of The Road’s celebration to life

The movers and shakers gathered in force for Saint Etienne‘s triumphant evening set on the Woods Stage last night at End of the Road Festival.

Delicious grooves washed through the crowd, contagious hooks keept the whole audience dancing. Performing against a backdrop of scrolling footage, in front of an audience dancing to every hooky refrain and system-flooding rhythm, Saint Etienne were exactly where they’re meant to be.ied

“I love your singing!” Sarah Cracknell proclaimed mid-set. “Keep it up!” With bubbles flying through the air and balloons being thrown playfully over the crowd, Saint Etienne embodied the spirit of celebration that floods End Of The Road this year. Take a look around the audience and you’d find morph suits, eccentric costumes, fairy lights, and glitter abundant. It’s as typically ‘out there’ as a festival set can be, and the performance is all the more brilliant because of that.

Ending on the favourite “Who Do You Think You Are?”, there wasn’t a single person who wanted the performance to be over. “Honestly, this has been one of the best nights of my life,” Sarah said as the band bid their goodbyes. Blowing kisses into the crowd as they took their leave, the air was awash with ardent devotion, leaving long time fans and newcomers equally addicted.


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